What´s Up: From Solstice to Solstice

Welcome, dear reader… Glad you are here! We have increased the content and improved the structure of the website for you in the most frequented areas. We are also fully booked until April 4, with a few capacities open until June 3. Meet us at the 4th Domlindenfest on June 20, 2015 next to famous Naumburg Cathedral and check out the four young linden trees planted last October.

Thank you to my students for cocreating and checking the first edition of our signature The Twelve Days of Christmas Virtually English Calendar with the surprise bonus day! You can always sign up for our quarterly newsletter, delivered to your email just before equinoxes and solstices. Check some of our buttons here and get santucentered – from required to inspired*. Life is awesome and so are you! From my heart to yours, Sandra

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