Transformational Linguistics

santuSandra daily nourishes her desire to experience more, share more and dis-cover the nature and powers of sound and how meaning is constructed in several languages.

She began to collect and create  words to express the high vibrational nature and holographic complexity of information. Such a quality is mostly perceived in moments of high alignment – i.e. congruency between desire and experience, a sense of harmony in every area of her life.

So, santuSandra has been developing several soul signature tool series.

The translation section of highly complex concepts tied to a specific word  form are discussed in the section word´n vibe translation. Examples are: words that produce quite a different meaning when read backwards, like in „live“ , as presented by both Derek Rydall and Jennifer McLean, creator of the „Healing with the Masters“ telecall series. A Spanish example is „amar“ und „amargura“ as linked in the popular Mecano song „Una rosa es una rosa“.