Surprising Spring

Significant Increase in Happiness
(before I forget, reminds me of the Russian term of otzyvchivost´ – actually literally: response-ability, later this shall be incl. in the section „transformational linguistics“)

please enjoy the article and my comments number 4, 11 and 12. As N 11 and 12 are awaiting moderation, here for you to enjoy already now:
In comment number 10 Mr. Wolter Seuntjens wrote today at 6.00 a.m.:
„It gives us great satisfaction that our modest proposal to increase global happiness has met with such widespread interest and warm approval.
W. Bishop, B. S. Johnson, and W. Seuntjens“

Number 11 . nickname Sandra Primavera (Allusion to Sandro Botticelli), 10:13 a.m.
Yes, Wolter, I completely agree
your article is met with quite a frenzy
in Naumburg as well as in Firenze
Even the Medici
would donate annually
all their September royalty
for the progress of happy medicine
Mohna Lisa would Poppy in
Mary dance with Boris near Kremlin
and Anne Frank in red shoes
with Pharrell Williams Happy and blues
So would Florence with* a Nightingale
with David in a Camp near Fort Lauderdale
My friend James would so reJoyce
Dog?s daisies and Dutch clover be his choice
Elvis would Graceland on his property
Singing “The Rose” with Rob and Terri
and Victor Manuel from Asturias
plant clover and peace trees in Donbass
and I am sure Botticelli
himself would agree
and all his collegues in the Uffizi
transforming military to milli fiori
is much more
than a Primavera allegory
So grateful to the authors
for the happy party

(* I would now write „to“ instead of „with“, but both are ok)

Comment Number 12 under the nickname „Dr. Lionheart McCoy“, 10:59 a.m.

Thanks for the mock
says Mr Spock
It gave me some pleasure
even raised my blood-pressure
and yes, I can
grow three- and four-leafed on Vulcan


Have fun, be happy…
L.L.A.C. – live long and clover
Sandra right now
(and inbetween some german lines came in,
I guess,
this poem is endless
regenerates and cocreates over and over):

as on facebook minutes ago:
und ganz zart ein französisches Alpenveilchen
schmiegt sich an die Trauerweide ein Weilchen…

und der rote Schneeballstrauch
tanzt auch..

und Freddie Mercury
läuft in Sotschi

Can you decipher all the cultural references made here? Hint: Roter Schneeballstrauch is Russian.