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The multi-lingual and bridge-cultural santusaurus is an open resource thesaurus of new words mainly in the Anglo-Saxon language family for ancient concepts and modern life perception, as relevant for  the spiritual self-empowerment movement. Some stem from slips of the tongue, typos and spelling mistakes. My wake-up call was the German-sound-based spelling of „scientist“ as „saintist“ /where „ai“ is pronounced as the letter „i“ in the English word „nice“/. This word was produced on the blackboard by a student in one of my English classes at the University of Applied Sciences in Merseburg, Germany in around 2007. I remember clearly that I promised the student that this Miss Take take is a vision and will become famous as it so eloquently-innocently blends science and spirituality with one swoop. Now it is the name of our journal.

Some were conscious creation blend words where the both the compounds and the underlying message that are quite easy to comprehend by a general reader, like John Assaraf´s „brain-a-thon“, which you can still watch here for a few hours: Brain-a-thon by John Assaraf, replay.  /And no, until now I do not get commissions, and even if I did… /

Some ask for a broader explanation for the general public, as they are more specific to the field of spirituality close to the yogic traditions. A bridge case is perhaps Derek Rydall´s „emergineering“ – title of his free e-course and now newly published book. If you go to my facebook account „Sandra Kampczyk-Januschko“ to the 5th of August, you can see a link to the free download. /Big Thank you, Derek, you are a wonderful teacher!/ BTW, in the section „responsive poetry“ you can read my little thank you poem to him.

santuSandra´s „Aumbrace“ for an embrace in the realms of high vibrational alignment and creativity, as AUM actually represent the sounds of creation according to the yogic sciences and presented by Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev.

This in itself opens up a new topic. Knowing how AUM and Amen originally relate, contributes by itself to a peaceful world. Some look at the core of the word composition like „re-member“ by Jennifer Hough as presented in John Burgos´ telecall series „Beyond the Ordinary“. This again inspired SantuSandra to look at „re-mind“ and now right here also „re-main“.

We can see how word play comes in and applies known rules to new situations which now are no longer considered wrong but as potential for an expanded expressive power of an expanded life experience. This would also go for „con-fusion“ und „for-giving“, as explained by Derek Rydall, which we are using on our website now. So, this field can be of interest to any linguist and language learner as well as someone who has an interest in his or her native language. Added here October 20th, 2014 , amazing gem: „You have to for-give in order to for-get“. So simple, there is a relationship here between these words, no matter, how you choose to logically link them, don´t you think? Something easily overlooked… amaazingling- in the vibe of this relation, my latest word-creation… Added October 12th, inspired by an energetic overlay of Rob Williams saying „hard drive“ and me feeling HEART DRIVE at 1:01min in his presentation-workshop „The Psychology of Change“, as he is talking about the subconscious fields of him and the test person exchanging massive information. A Membrain – santuSandra´s word created yday under the impression of the lecture of Dr Bruce Lipton on the Biology of Belief which I posted on facebook on Oct, 12th. So, in order to „unchain our brain“ /santuSandra´s rhyme on July, 14th 2014 in an email/… we can look into our remembrain /santuSandra Oct, 20th 2014 as felt on Oct 17th/ – the conscious and the unconscious ones…

Then, in the same vibe, I invented „Energen“ – in the vibe of energy and genetics- as a unit of measurement perhaps of how efficiently subjectively and perhaps later supported by life evidence a transformational process has been, e.g. in the case of spontaneous remissions.

Bringing these two last chapters together with some examples from Russian. Today, Oct, 24 2014 read an article about research on the sun – сердцевинa, which actually means Heartcore…, being composed of „heart“ – `serdtse´  and `guilt´- vina. Giving rise to two santu Heilzeilen Russian-English : from feeling guilty to wholeheartedly win.