santu Happy Habits*

The first set of santu Happy Habits* was created in 2011. It was a list of 7 simple practices starting with a moment of awareness up to 5 minutes. These practices can be done with just yourself and your body and mind, being fully unconditional to our environment and having a lasting effect. This is how they qualify for a sustainable lifestyle.

start with what works best and do it consistently

and soon you´ll see –

the other things come to you quite easily.


Easy is essence

easy is core

easy is yes-essence

so easy is more

easy is boiled down complex

dissolves all the crutch stuff

easy allows more fulfilled sex

easy is love

because you by yourself are more than good enough

easy is profound

easy is progression

just commit, allow no concession

easy can be fun

just begin and it is done!

your santuSandra, 19 August 2014