Santras are short affirmations made manifest by santuSandra that help to activate the potential of the person reciting it with a conscious intention. Santras work best when recited often. Due to their consciseness and condensed focus on a life-sustaining solution they can be a lighthouse in situations where we feel under stress and direct us back into a more creative and allowing state of experience.

The neuroscience behind how and why santras work and why it makes sense to use them is explained in one of our introductory workshops according to age and consciousness level of the person. However, a santra is something that everybody is able to know by heart thus it is not restricted to the ability to read or comprehend intellectually. Knowing by mind can greatly enrich the experience and result in more gratitude in recognition of the subtle and wise attunement of the world we live in.

Each of our courses comes with a particular santra that is passed on to the participants and practiced together so the particpant is getting more accustomed to recognize the specific frequency band activated to better monitor the process thus re-assuring oneself that and how it works so the actual experience of success and bliss can become manifest in the reality of the person. This process is a direct experience of the universal principle of cocreation.