RC Upper Intermediate: Thouhgts on Spring Equinox


Excerpts from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/teo-bishop/spring-equinox-2013-may-you-be-like-the-sun_b_2907792.html Spring Equinox 2013: March, 20th The Equinox is more than just a scientific fact, an observable reality; it points to the shift that we are making toward a time of new growth and new life. The outer world — the thawing soil under our feet, the budding branches of the trees, the new sounds of the new offspring mingling with the bustle of the city — is all an indication to us that we are changing, too. We are breaking open and coming to life again. That is, we can be. It is a mindset for us to embrace, should we choose to. Are we in balance? Are we willing to thaw, to soften, to allow for new growth in our lives? What does that look like? How does that feel? Will we stand in our own sovereignty on this day of balance and accept that there is a good and meaningful work for us in the coming weeks and months? This is the opportunity offered to us on the Equinox. Whether we are gardeners, or farmers, or city dwellers, there is a planting to be done in the spring. This is a time to take the plans you made while waiting for warmer weather — those ideas about new projects, new endeavors, new steps toward a realized dream — and begin to put them into action. It is a time to start doing. The world is an example. It is showing you how to start. You need only open your awareness to its unfolding, and you will see how you might begin to manifest the changes of spring in your own life. „Manifestation,“ a much over-used word in some circles, is not a parlor trick. It is a series of steps one takes toward a goal. Each step is important, including those small, unseen, internal shifts we make on days like today. Those questions listed above are worth spending time with, especially if the answers are not ready on your lips. They are meant to propel you forward into new action; and through that new action, new growth. This is the blessing I offer to you on the Spring Equinox: May you be like the soil. Become ready for turning, And welcome new life. May you be like the bud. Recognize your potential, And expand into color. May you be like the river. Receive the new waters, And move forward with power. May you be like the sun. Go forth into spring And bring light to the world. Celebrate the Equinox with a full heart, and go into the world with confidence and clarity of purpose.

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