It does not matter What Time you live in

… it only matters how you live in it, be it the past, the present, the future- the moment you live it consciously, it IS your PRESENT. So, you can activate fully the potential of the power of your consciousness to create what you want to create right now.

So, the past few days and even weeks I have been in very low physical energy state, while I hacve been stubbornly determined to come back to at least sthe state of vibrancy and happiness that I have had already earned through focussed work. The awareness and acute search for the roots of my state also led me see the connection between the energy of change in November days – Fall of Wall, also, pogroms in Germany on reichskristallnacht-Night of broken glass – oh, now I know why i was always attracted to that song as well Anni Lennox- walking on broken glass– wow- one of these association highlights where our unconscious wiring becomes more obvious, also 7 November Aurora change in political system in Russia /which to their camlendar was October/. So, I was drawn to Anne Frank diary for several circumstances and also the story and history of Babro Karlen. What I learned from that and how it relates top the astatement above and to overcoming PROCRASTINATION,relationship issues etc … soon more here…

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