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We share and we care. We take full responsibility for our own well-being and consider that of others. When you are visiting our site, you join the same approach.

We wish to take well-informed decisions for a sustainable lifestyle. So we select, collect, contribute and distribute information with heart and mind presence. Should you find anything that seems out of alignment with that, please support us all by contacting us.

The information signed as santuSandra is a result of years of study, training, practice and experience by Sandra Kampczyk-Januschko. Initially fully qualified as a state-examined grammar school teacher of English and Russian in Germany, she taught at a University of Applied sciences for nearly a decade.

All in all, she has more than 25 years of  translation, teaching and examining practice with humans aged 5 – 75. As a registered Body Activation Practitioner with well over 300 supervised hours in physical and vibrational healing along other qualifications in functional energy applications, santuSandra has supported and inspired hundreds of people. She practices daily a variety of the tools she shares with you here and has her own coaches and training partners. Following her interest in natural wisdom, she became increasingly dedicated to the Vedic sciences and Ayurveda. Sandra took the Inner Engineering course directly with Sadhguru of Isha Fundation in December 2011. As an Isha volunteer, she has contributed to the translation of the Inner Engineering Online version of the course and the free Isha Kriya Meditation materials in 2012. Sandra has worked as a translator for Yoga teachers´ Instruction and Ongoing qualification courses in Germany by native and international speakers of English, on the Upanishads, asanas and ayurvedic practices.

The contents of this website and any information you may receive in the name of are for informational and educational purposes. They may be seen as a complement and guide in your intent to lead a sustainable optimistic and responsive lifestyle including a wholistic and integrative health awareness approach.

We promote openness and joint efforts for joint success.

Here is To your self-empowerment and well-being and your capacity to contribute to a peaceful, joyful and healthy life for all <3 In the essence of a yes-sense, Sandra Kampczyk-Januschko, Your Bodybard with a HeartAward