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Here belong also the little thank you poems that come to me when I have just listened to or worked through material of my teachers or new transformational speakers, a co-student on a course, a friend… may it re-assure you, that healing is possible for you as well and give you a vibrational idea of the depth of blissful feelings possible after transformative work. I call this type of poems responsive poetry. Responsive poetry also includes when I begin to rhyme during a healing support session or just being in a similar place in a deep heart space connection with someone.

Here is an example to my teacher Derek Rydall:

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I feel you reach me. I feel safe and free. Your gentle insisting highlightmelts resisting. I feel at home in your word play and knowflowsense what you don´t say. I can follow by vibe navigation into expanding imagination and bringing to focus root and lotus. heart swings in attitude of gratitude and makes me wish to contribute in my essence of a yes-sense, thank you, Derek, embodied presence.

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