The Adj People in Slovenia – excerpt

Vokabelhilfen zum englischen Text

allegedly- angeblich, vorgeblich

allegedly – Aussprache

sever – Aussprache "sever"

Excerpt from Dr. Mira Omerzel-Mirit´s book

A Slovenian tale about the creation of fertile land says that our ancient forefathers called the ajd people believed that the land was desolate at first – nothing but rock. It bore no fruit, but then, it did not have to bear anything to eat. God himself was said to abide among the people
with his body and spirit, feeding them with heavenly manna.

However, the people were miserable because they feared divine might and splendour. Which is why God began to feel sorry for them. He severed from his body and moved back to Heaven. His body rotted and transformed into fertile soil, while the people began to produce their own food. They no longer ate heavenly manna. And allegedly they were happier this way 1 . 

So our own Slovenian tale tells of prana-eating in the ancient past. Who knows how far the
preserved memory reaches? We may not know how this human ability has transformed (or
became lost) through time, history, and what was the comprehension of the possibility of eating
“divine prana” in terms of life supplied by cosmic energy from the Source. Many spiritual
traditions of this world tell of living on prana (as we call it today) in the ancient past. We place
that past in the millennia BC, in the time when man was still living the pulse of nature and
harmony with the rhythms of nature and the Cosmos. Through harmony with natural rhythms,
man earns the support of the Universe, and along with that, of course, the necessary supply of
food needed for his existence. 

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