santu Heart Magnetics* Healing Support


santu Heart Magnetics* is my own set of techniques to support you in your personal healing and growth. It is based on the universal laws of vibration and magnetics.

It is gracefully accompanied by my experience of angels, the elements of nature and other beautiful energy beings and visions. My play with sounds and words in poetry interlaces with the practice and study of several language and energetic healing systems based on our body, nature and the universe.

Direct or remote sessions bring together your uniqueness and my dedicated guidance using my santu Heart Magnetics* approach. To me, experience is a door open to all to free the mind. Invite another possibility for energetic and also remote healing into your life by contacting us. See how it can turn into an ignition key to knowledge and materialisation. Enjoy its sustainability.

Having worked as an EFL teacher at a University for Applied Sciences for a decade /up to 2010/ has fuelled my interest in modern technology principles. I am a qualified teacher and tutor, Registered Body Activation Practitioner and received the Reiki II ans Shambavi Mudra Initiations.

And there is more that qualifies me for what I do and that I probably share with you. Let`s find out. You can order a coaching session right now via sms, email, call from around the world. References upon request. Just get in touch to find a solution that suits your situation.

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