santu ARCO IRIS Project*

santu Arco IRIS* –

Active Rebalancing Communication Online-
Immediate Response International Support

Arco Iris is Spanish for „rainbow“ . A rainbow brings joy instantly, doesn`t it – without words, just nice vibes and colours… It is so to say the avatar for this project. The capital letters express also: Active Rebalancing Communication Online – Instant Response International Support. It aims to bring together international experts in remote healing or helpline services with those who are finding themselves in a situation that calls for comfort and balance and support of body functions asap. This 24/7 hours service can serve a bridge function before further assistance is provided, e.g. by medical services. Someone round the globe will be awake and ready to listen and support… Communication is in International English or regional language, with mutually agreed payment conditions. It can also be used very gracefully when several trained people work together in a joint session. If you wish to get such support or to cooperate in this network or both, please get in touch.

So please contact us to find out more and to find a tailor-made solution for you.

Really-sincerely-faithfully-gracefully Sandra and santucenter* team


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