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Here, I talk about events and people who have helped me be who I am now. You will find information about my qualifications and motivations to found santucenter for international communication and sustainable living.
I am a female German national and currently live in Naumburg/ Saale in Saxony-Anhalt, Central Germany.
I qualified as a teacher of English and Russian for ISCED 2 and 3 (children and young adults aged 11 – 18) at Potsdam University in 2000.
From 2000 to 2010 (incl. one year on parental leave), I worked as a tutor for Professional English at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, the town where I was born. There I taught intensive English to Bachelor and Master students of Technical Writing and Knowledge Design for 9 years. For one semester, I covered for Russian tuition in these courses, taking them to final examinations. On a less continuous basis, I also taught Professional English to students of Applied Computer Sciences, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering disciplines, Business Administration and Engineering, Social work and Systemic Social Work. I designed curricula and tests for English tuition and was a second examiner also for Russian and Spanish. In cooperation with the faculties and the region, I worked on several translation projects, e.g. Chemistry Museum, solar heating systems, energy-saving street-lighting systems, Bachelor and Master certification documentation, software documentation.
From the beginning, I have dealt with localisation and intercultural communication aspects and addressed issues of sustainability. My students´ performance and way of thinking encouraged me to use a functional approach to teaching English. This approach measures accomplishment by successful interaction and communication, linguistically focussing on language interference phenomena.
Continuous qualifications in self-empowered and sustainable healing methods helped me to also coach students with special learning requirements in a more holistic way.
I enjoyed further qualification trainings in Business and Technical English and localisation. The situation at work also encouraged me to sponsor an underprivileged child in Afrika in the Plan-scheme and to participate in a seminar in Non-Violent Communication as introduced by Marshall Rosenberg.
In September 2010, I took the opportunity to leave Merseburg university with a recuperation that helped bridge the financial gap after a prolonged illness that I experienced prior to this solution. I really appreciate the support of colleagues and students during this time. We all live and learn together…
I continued practicing Reiki and taking healing sessions with my teacher Uwe Gölzer. He has an art of silence and leading by example that allows people to really experience and observe, growing at their own pace. These teachings have helped my physical body heal and have caused essential shifts in how I perceive creation, thought and feeling. They help me refine the way I live and work.
The Registered Body Activation Practitioner course helped intensify my work with the energy centres in and around our body. Based on the essence of our connectedness with nature, it also adressed food choices, body movement and cultural aspects. I am grateful for this wonderful experience in an international team. The santucenter idea started evolving here and cooperation with fellow-students continues.
Appreciation for the rhythms of nature and a feeling of loving wisdom have been there at least since my childhood years in Mongolia. From the age of 9 up to 13, I had the chance to experience nature, community and diversity in languages and cultures there – both at school and in everyday life.
The Russian school there inspired my love and feeling for the arts, particularly for poetry. I have been writing poems for years and dealt with the translation of lyrics by Vladimir Vysotsky in a scientific thesis. My second thesis dealt with teaching a mixed group of students with diverse language background, performance level and cultural heritage.
I deeply enjoyed Native American sweat lodges in the tradition of Sweet Medicine dance and the Lakota tribe. I also reconnected to the traditional healing arts of Siberia and Mongolian Altai. This is how I found out about the tree-planting project of the Galsan-Tschinag-Foundation. To increase physical and mental wellbeing and because I enjoy movement, I had earlier been taking Taj Chi classes and several sessions of dance and horse riding after work if my schedule allowed.
Trusting fully in self-healing methods, last year I focussed on my family, self-healing and spiritual development to gain the strength to found santucenter for international communication and sustainable living.
During my own university years, I worked at the multimedia department of the Language centre for several years transcribing and editing multilingual content. I worked as an au pair, in holiday camps, taught English to pre-school children, conducted multimedia-projects with school-children, worked both full-time and at night school. I translated at theatre festivals as well as for various companies and scientific institutions. In my gap year at university I volunteered as a co-worker in a Camphill community for handicapped children for several months in the New Forest, England. I also studied in Moscow and St. Petersburg and spent one month of summer school in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. In the times of the GDR, I had trained and worked as a travel guide for young people
I feel so honoured to host the Guatemaltecan medicine woman AumRak as the first event of santucenter at Goseck Sun observatory in July 2011 with so much support from former students and co-students. I had attended her seminars and sathsang months earlier, and Aumrak herself had just returned from a prolonged stay in India.
Working more closely with my former RBAP co-student Rajesh from India also brought about a growing interest in Sanskrit, Indian spiritual heritage and modern practice. Together, we are creating the santras and this website. Inspired by the teachings of Sadhguru and the ishafoundation Homeschool, my former life experience comes more into play again when creating spaces for our children to learn. In December 2011, I took the vital step of going to India and taking the Inner Engineering Course and Shambavi Mahamudra with Sadhguru, also spending some inspirational time at the Coimbatore ashram.
One of the most impressing events in many respects was the International Russian Language Competition for Students in Moscow in 1987. It was the first time I personally met students from India, Sri Lanka, the USA, but also geographically close Austria… I also liked the fact that we really immersed into the culture and celebrated together. I remember singing „We are the world, we are the children“ full voice near Moscow State University overlooking the capital in sunset. At the end of the 10-day-competition, every participant was awarded a medal or diploma according to the number of scores achieved, and there was a team ranking as well. Probably, this experience laid the foundation to how I felt study and evaluation can work successfully.
Twenty years later, Severnvale academy rated my achievements in terms of progress. The online course at Manoa University „Teaching all students-reaching all learners“ about excellence and diversity in the postgraduate classroom offered cutting edge options of organising and evaluating students´ learning process and performance.
Prof. Herwig-Lempp of Merseburg University inspired me with his vision and endurance to start the Systemic Social work course of studies. He developed a concept of Learning by success /instead of from mistakes/ and has kept a constant dialogue with students…. Looking at it now, I can clearly see, how important experience and feeling are when it comes to knowledge acquisition and application.
So, I guess, this is how CV, experience and motivation intertwine, correlate and flow into santucenter for international communication and sustainable living. Let me know how I can be of service for you. Let´s share.
Best wishes and blessings,
Sandra Kampczyk-Januschko

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