Equinox Balance at Goseck 2011

We really enjoyed this: Autumn Equinox at Goseck "Celebrating the Balance" – Multilingual Intercultural Family Event at Goseck Sun Observatory, 23 September 2011, 6 – 9 pm

Dance, Music, Play and Story time with Sandra and guests … a "Thank you" to Life and its beautiful harmony of rhythms…Fully immerse in play time, find balance and direction within you, embracing the world … Experience the place and explore its history… Bring a small candlelight, something to sit on and to share, a small donation… with short dusk tour at 8 pm with the Head of the Sun Observatory Association Mrs. Oelke at the most ancient sun observatory known worldwide near Naumburg/Saale, Germany. Come along and celebrate with us or join us in spirit – whereever you are. Let us know via the contact form where you are and how you meet this natural phenomenon…*

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