Anorexia- Symptom, Cause, Chance for Change

Anorexia- excerpt from Dr. Mira Omerzel-Mirit

And by the way: I think that the growth of anorexia in the world can also mean a certain
imperfect and insufficient awareness and the desire to establish contact with this ancient
possibility of ours,

which is lost within us, but has become lost in the every-day feeding patterns
and every-day patterns of the unconnected consciousness. If we would (still) be able to connect
with the vital energy from the Source, perhaps the problem would not exist. But since that
knowledge is lost, we can no longer let it guide us. There can be only a fleeting and imperfect
imprint or an insight of that which is lost. This holds true only in case when the rejection of food
did not cause other (psychical) disturbances. It is extremely difficult to recognise one or the
other.  However, in both cases, the problem is certainly imbalance and the lack of wholesome
(calm and healthy) awareness.

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