divine quantum body pilot*

The abbreviation of this course is a play on symmetry of letters often confused in writing: it would be very interesting actually to figure out what happens in our motoric and visual perception:



Of course, it looks nicer when the space is closer between the two lines, but you get the idea.

For me, it also represents a basic principle of creation and potential.

This is a bilingual course for teenagers, particularly successful with boys.

We combine learning English with Body litzeracy and relaxation techniques to get out of the school fatigues. Oh, yes, I guess, as of now October 20th 2014, 4 min to midnight, I guess, this is an appropriate name for a outraging and sad dis-ease.

It helps to know that the Nobel Prize winner of this year started out of anger and transformed it into creativity and stepping up for himself and what he believed in. So, he is a NObel prize winner!