Determination to LIVE


This is amazing, Nick. What a wonderful vibe of clarity, compassion and determination from the point of view of wanting to LIVE. Thank you. Here in Europe, these November days are often full of historical changes, too, very much to do with safety: Berlin Wall Fall November 9, 1989, October revolution November 7th, 1917, Night of Broken Glass November 9th to November 1938. On Nov 6th, I felt so drawn to Anne Frank´s diary and also the amazing personality of Barbro Klaren. And everything that has happened over these days helped me in a profound way /I must admit I forgot to take the chance to tap k27 while watching the film with Ben Kingsley, but I could entitle what happened inside me with „How Anne Frank helps be living right now“, In the multi-facetted spaciousness of your statement I feel all the vibrations presented and sealed in as base tune that I mentioned above. Thank you, Nick. Agaion, thank you for being prepared and present for all the families and first responders to the Sandy Hook shooting. You and Jessica have been setting an example for so many. You help me coming out with my gifts, feeling able and capable and more sure where my place is in this world now, now that I can see that there is a place in this world for me At ALL and that I am willing to both CLAIM it and FULFILL it. /Wow, I didnt even know these last words want to be said/. This is also very humbling because it means that I acknowledge the full value of what it can mean to be alive and all the resources that I have been provided with already. And as I am writing this, – adding it to the previous comments a bit later, when editing my mindflow with the intention of coming full circle with my gratitude to you, Nick, – my heart reassures me that all along the film and research related to Anne Frank and also the other heroes in the story, all along the sleeping and the working it out from very low energy level being sick – or putting it differently: using a very large amount of energy available to work this out – it has truthfully been tap-beating for me even when I could not do conscious breathing to raise my energy level. I feel very activated and grateful now. Thank you, Nick. Your work has opened a new world to me. And after having found the video YOU posted on November 6th about your work, I add the following lines: And I understand I will practice more often, coming back to incorporating it into my daily routine and probably get trained as a practitioner by your foundation! Thank you, Nick.