Jurij, Your Smile in Space 12 April 1961

My Adi Bhakti yogi… Yuri Gagarin on BBC TV, July 11 1961 – YouTube  Yuri Gagarin on BBC TV, July 11 1961 – YouTube – по.русски с переводом Улыбка твоя земная душа вселенная внутри сердца просто наслаждение умиление милый спасибо … Weiterlesen

Reading Compr.: Refresher level up: Spring Equinox Wishes

Dear Students, To remind you of the Spring Equinox of March 20th, 2013, I picked for you this Excerpt from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/teo-bishop/spring-equinox-2013-may-you-be-like-the-sun_b_2907792.html;: May you be like the soil. Become ready for turning, And welcome new life. May you be like the … Weiterlesen

RC Upper Intermediate: Thouhgts on Spring Equinox

  Excerpts from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/teo-bishop/spring-equinox-2013-may-you-be-like-the-sun_b_2907792.html Spring Equinox 2013: March, 20th The Equinox is more than just a scientific fact, an observable reality; it points to the shift that we are making toward a time of new growth and new life. The … Weiterlesen

Mark Knopfler „The Most Perfect Party I´ve Ever Been To“

"That´s the most perfect party I ´ve ever been to…" Mark Knopfler, 1988 Ja, das beliebte Present Perfect verpackt in ein Gefühl /gleich zu Beginn, noch vor Lied/, ebenso die nachgestellte Präposition und Kurzform von have in der mündlichen Rede…vgl.: … Weiterlesen