Language Trainings*

Wonderful! You made it here!

Our trainings are based on empowering you. Committed practice will enable you to comprehend first hand content. Interact in your unique way in English or German. In an international setting. Successfully – meaning– both efficient, relaxed and expanding.

Grammar? Experience how with our systematic tool kit for the tenses you will master an area thta you have probably been so confused about!

You will practice and enhance skills that again will be useful for you in more areas of life than just where you need the language.

Experience the relief how to really learn from your mistakes and walk through our step-by-step- transparency protocols giving you clarity about your progress.

Be amazed how simple body techniques support you so you can really activate your resources for best results.

Feel safe in our 25 years of professional experience and daily practice to deal with mistakes and ju.

Feel the satisfaction as we show you the success you have already achieved.

Feel the inspiration  as we support you and cheer you on.

We teach the essence, so you can focus on the core and achieve more.