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Santu-Sandra – I am your BodyBard with a Heart Award

Your Wholesome Learn  Language Body Coach with the Heart-Echo Approach

Sandra founded santucenter as a heart-centered business model to be of service to you with her talents and skills.

Sandra is a licensed EFL teacher and trained Body Activation Practitioner, a transformational linguist, translator and poet. For decades, Sandra has been applying and evolving her multidimensional sensory receptivity – a natural gift we all possess and that can be activated by steady daily self-practice and conscious food and lifestyle choices. So she has been growing into a vibrational forensics* expert who supports helps people to can access deeper layers of human consciousness as stored in the cellular memories of our bodies for healing support and activation for the benefit of everyone involved.

She is continously self-training in the field of ancient healing modalities and latest research technologies to facilitate Your human experience of highly sensitized and relaxed states of mind so that you could expand your creative potential and response portfolio in demanding life scenarios, so we can unlearn doing things the pain-and-drain way. This goes for her highly successful EaGle English Grammar system* and santu Switchcraft*  Re-Allignment shortcuts alike, to name just two of quite a few.

Her customized trainings and  coachings combine multisensory learning and solution-based healing support with community outreach and experiential evidence documentation nourishing the common ground of science, spirituality and humaness-centered functionality.

… for no reason, out of pure joy of exploring and sharing and assisting her playmates on their journey back and into to what they have always wanted to become in the first place by being their best in the present moment. Sandras gentle and laser-focus presence in a hightened state of awareness and groundedness provides a harmonic resonance field as an inspiration for you to align and restore yourself into the awareness of your own empowerment and resourcefulness.

If you can do this easily, go out, dear friend, and offer it to our fellows!

If you find you´ll like more of it and discover our soul signature tool-kit, stay with us and arrange your free application session.

With Love and Grace in AUM-Space


August 05, 2014