Sandra Kampczyk-Januschko This is amazing, Nick. What a wonderful vibe of clarity, compassion and determination from the point of view of wanting to LIVE. Thank you. Here in Europe, these November days are always full of historical changes, too, very much to do with safety: Berlin Wall Fall November 9, 1989, October revolution November 7th, 1917, Night of Broken Glass November 9th to November 1938. On Nov 7th, I felt so drawn to Anne Frank diary and also case of Barbro Klaren. and everything that has happened over these days helped me in a profound way /I must admit I forgot to take the chance to tap k27 while watching the film with Ben Kingsley, but I could entitle what happened inside me with „How Anne Frank helps be living right now“, In the multi-facetted spaciousness of your statement I feel all the vibrations presented and sealed in as base tune that I mentioned above. Thank you, Nick. Agaion, thank you for being prepared and present for all the families and first responders to the Sandy Hook shooting. You and Jessica have been setting an example for so many. You help me coming out with my gifts, feeling able and capable.

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